About Me

Hi! First of all, you are visiting my blog, and for that reason, I appreciate you. I'm Allison. I live in a seriously beautiful city called Bend.  I am passionate about taking photos of people, places, and most of all food. I obviously LOVE food. I found out I was gluten and dairy intolerant seven years ago and it started out as a struggle. I was frustrated a lot thinking I was always missing out on something, and all my food had to be bland and boring. But I eventually began to discover that gluten and dairy free cooking can be a fun experience, and can produce some really tasty food.  I'm extremely fascinated by the subject of nutrition and the benefits of food and how it affects our bodies. I've been learning to get out of my comfort zone when working with food which is proving to be an awesome adventure. I'm in my twenties, figuring out life one bite at a time. Thank you for being my supporter, my reader, a passerby, an eater. You are the best! 

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